Though Šiaulių bankas uses modern on-line banking technologies, however, certain risks can arise if you lose your login means or the other people become aware of them.

Key recommendations on how to use "SB linija"

Please keep-safe your "SB linija" identification data such as user's ID, login password, password card, generator's PIN code and "SB linija" agreement.
Do not disclose your login password to anyone. Even if you are calling to Šiaulių bankas, an employee will never ask you to tell your password.
In no cases and at no circumstances anyone can require you to provide them with the secret data related to the means of identification of "SB linija" either via telephone or via e-mail or through social network sites or by any other way. Please, be careful and do not give up to the psychological pressure.

Connecting to "SB linija" please always carefully check the Internet site:

PC security support

Use the computers with the legal renewable operating systems such as Windows 7 or the later versions.
The fully renewable producer-supported web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) versions should be installed in your PC, it is recommended to use the latest versions of web browser, also, do not store the forms and passwords in the temporary memory of the browser.
Take care of your computer, software or any other equipment by means of which you connect to "SB linija" as well as of security against viruses and other threats: please update your anti-virus system on regular basis as well as "anti-spyware" and "firewall" software which are running against spy-wares, don't use not-supported software, such as Windows XP or Internet Explorer 6.

Be careful and responsible

Do not visit unfamiliar websites – usually malicious applet (spy-ware, viruses) are distributed by e-mail and through insecure websites as well as through messages from strangers on social network accounts.
Using the SB line system in an internet-café, library or other public place, clean the temporary files, cookies, web form of the browser in order to remove all your data, it is also recommended to change the login password.
Your Internet banking password should not contain identical symbols and numbers, name, birth date, etc. , more information on how to create a safe password is available here.
Please keep your "SB linija" identifications means at the inaccessible place, do not write your user's ID and/or login password on a password card, etc., do nor carry written data in your wallet, do not disclose them to strangers and persons who introduce themselves as representatives of banks, state and law enforcement authorities. If you wish that your family members were able to use your accounts, please contact the bank, where these persons would receive their separate means of identification.
The Bank shall never send a letter asking for your "SB linija" login data. Upon receiving a suspicious letter, do not click on the links provided therein, do not try opening the existing attachments and immediately inform the bank by the tel. +370 700 55055.

More information on how to protect your computer, about attempts to finagle information and methods of cheating is available here.