A mobile signature – is an equivalent of a usual e-signature which allows connecting to "SB linija" by means of a mobile telephone or mobile connection SIM card safely and conveniently and signing the transactions with a signature which allows identifying the under-signing person and has legal power. Mobile signature service is currently available only for clients "Omnitel" and "Tele2" network operators. More information is available here (in lithuanian).

A stationary signature – is an alternative mean of personal identification authenticated by RC USB, i.e. a cryptographic USB storage device issued by the Centre of Registry which contains qualified certificates allowing to connect to the "SB linija" safely and to sign the transactions with an e-signature.

In order to connect to "SB linija" by means of a stationary signature a computer has to be prepared for work. To figure out the latter, please watch www.elektroninis.lt (in lithuanian).

If You prefer signing the transactions by means of e-signature (mobile or stationary), then, first of all, please change Your transaction signature into an "e-signature" type. This can be done by choosing and filling an “Application for amendment of a signing instrument” on the section "Applications" on the "SB linija" menu or by visiting the nearest customer service point of Šiaulių bankas.

In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting Šiaulių bankas by +370 700 55055 or via e-mail sblinija@sb.lt.